8 Sites To Get The Most Updated Cryptocurrency News Today

Cryptocurrency exists in the ever-changing web platform. If you’re a trader or a mere investor, you’ll need, more than ever, to read the news. If you really want to make money out of your cryptos, you should be in the loop on the latest trends and experts predictions. With the massive internet resources, finding the cryptocurrency news today isn’t a hard task.

Crypto news aren’t usually published in newspapers unless it’s making a Silk Road-like fiasco. With that, you have to maximize your devices to be in touch with the crypto reality. There are the typical 99 Bitcoins, CryptoCrumbs, and more. But what are the traders recommending in the forums? Here are eight of the top picks among crypto geeks:

1. The Merkle

I remember turning on the notification for this site and then it keeps popping crypto updates on my computer the moment I switch it on. If you really want to be vigilant with news about the latest ICOs and crypto updates, you should definitely bookmark this site.

The Merkle will give you a daily dose of news on technology, finance, cryptos, and press releases from different related institutions. They have a built-in shop that’s waiting for you to discover.

cryptocurrency news today

2. CoinCap

I can’t stop scrolling on the cryptocurrencies CoinCap gives updates to. Upon visiting the site, you’ll be treated to the quick updates of cryptos prices, market cap, and supply. If you don’t want to boggle your mind with numbers in an early morning read, just click on the CoinCap News tab for the freshest cryptocurrency news today.

The site is no fuss; you get to read back on the archived news by just clicking the dates on the side.

3. CryptoPanic

As a starter in Bitcoin investing, it’s easy to panic with big dumps. This humble site is your go-to resource if you want a quick peak on Bitcoin’s standing. The best thing about CryptoPanic is that it’s a compilation of news from other sites. Just click on the news you want and you’ll be redirected to the actual site.

It’s not a fancy news site to visit, but content-wise, you’ll have your own fix.

4. CoinBuzz

CoinBuzz has a powerhouse team of miners and crypto investors that will keep you updated with the latest trends. There’s no best site to get your dose of news than on a platform with actual crypto geeks. If you’re a Bitcoin user, you can join their investor club where CoinBuzz will give you a profit percentage.

You’ll need to create an account to enjoy the update perks. Putting a small fraction of your Bitcoins here won’t hurt that much.

5. Alt Coin Calendar

Alt Coin Calendar will be your go-to site if you’re eyeing to diversify your portfolio with new cryptos. They will give updates on the latest and upcoming ICOs. By clicking the Live NewsFeed tab, you can read their news entries. It’s also a compilation of news from other sites like NewsBTC.

If you want to read stuff from different sources, Alt Coin Calendar might be your perfect choice. Just watch out for your first clicks that will lead to unrelated shopping sites.

cryptocurrency news today

6. Zycrypto

Zycrypto provides you the cryptocurrency news today on Bitcoins and Alt Coins. They update on upcoming ICOs and opinions of experts in cryptocurrency. If you’re a dummy, they have resources to introduce you to cryptos as well as the opportunity to submit press releases.

They won’t charge you anything to read their articles. I suggest that you send a small Bitcoin donation if you like their feed. Anyway, you can subscribe to their exclusive offers through email.

7. CoinTelegraph

No crypto investor doesn’t know about CoinTelegraph. This is one those sites you had probably stalked when you’re just starting to know what cryptos are. CoinTelegraph has a feel-good vibe in their site as if cryptos aren’t much of a headache sometimes.

They have an ICO calendar, analytics for Ethereum and Bitcoin, and total dummy resources. You don’t have to be a big-time trader to understand CoinTelegraph’s news. They also have an Events page to know what’s going on in the crypto world.

8. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the most straightforward sites you can ever find in the blockchain world. They started in 2013 and it’s gathering visits more than the market cap of Bitcoins! From technology, market updates, and business opportunities, CoinDesk is packed with useful resources.

What I like the most about their site is their yearly Consensus, a technology summit that costs $1299 dollars. They will hold Consensus 2018 at New York Hamilton Midtown on May 2018.

Cryptocurrency news today aren’t just plain stories. Sites are made to be more engaging and interactive for users and investors alike. If you’re aspiring to make large sums of money investing, you shouldn’t be blind on what’s going on in the industry. Start reading now!

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8 Sites To Get The Most Updated Cryptocurrency News Today

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