Top 10 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets You Should Get For Your Portfolio

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet is a physical storage for private keys of virtual wallets. These are popular as security demands rise on the web. It has its share of advantages and disadvantages-just like any other things-but its convenience is what makes investors purchase a piece or two.

One issue is that hardware wallets are prone to malware that can steal or manipulate software storage. However, these devices are less risky than using paper wallets. If you use it with proper caution and security features, you can never go wrong.

To help you find the best one in the market, here are the ten most popular hardware wallets in 2017:


If you have a diversified portfolio, TREZOR is the best multi-currency hardware wallet.  It supports two-factor authentication and serves as an effective password manager. TREZOR is easy to setup and you can restore keys that you inadvertently deleted.

TREZOR is just a small device with a minimalistic look. It’s not prone to physical stealing and has a high level of cryptography that is at par with Bitcoin and the latest technology. You can buy one for just $105 to have your wallets protected against theft.

cryptocurrency hardware wallet

2. Ledger

The Ledger cryptocurrency hardware wallet looks like a typical flash drive. Though it looks small, it can store multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and more. You can store many addresses on the same currency so you can retrieve it conveniently when you need it.

Ledger is supported with FIDO Second Factor Authentication so you can use it on sites like GitHub and Gmail. Each Ledger has a small screen that shows transaction notifications. You can easily confirm transactions using the small button on the device.

3. OpenDime

With its techie look, OpenDime is not the typical hardware wallet. If TREZOR and Leger are meant for privacy, OpenDime is meant to be shared.  It’s basically a Bitcoin stick that makes payment easier as if you’re paying through actual dollars. OpenDime is like a read-only flash drive that you can plug on any USB outlets to check balance or shop online.

Though this is a shared wallet, OpenDime has an ultra-secure key generated inside the device. You can give this device to anyone and they won’t worry that you can take back the funds it contains.

4. Case

Case is a Bitcoin cryptocurrency hardware wallet that has unique features. It doesn’t need an internet connection or computer devices to settle a transaction. Case has a built-in GSM network that gives you unlimited transaction opportunities.

Before you can make a transaction, you have to generate at least two keys. Case isn’t just a two-factor wallet. It’s multi-factor, multi-signature, and even has built-in fingerprint detection so you can secure it using biometrics. As of today, Case is sold out so you better be in the loop for the next batch of sales.

5. Digital BitBox

If you’re looking for a minimalist hardware wallet, BitBox is one of the top picks. Though it looks like a thin flash drive, it has strict two-factor authentication, native software, multi-signature support, and more features.

You can hide a wallet here using a secondary password while incorrect passwords will generate a new wallet. If it’s functionality you value the most, you should get a BitBox device. Everything here is open-sourced so you don’t have to fret about your techie security concerns.

cryptocurrency hardware wallet

6. KeepKey

Like Case, KeepKey is a popular choice among crypto investors. It has a sleek look that can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and other altcoins. KeepKey is PIN protected. Like Ledger, KeepKey has a small screen where transactions will appear and you can use the button to confirm it.

If you happen to lose your keys, KeepKey has a 12-word restore sentence feature. You will have a one-time opportunity to back up your keys once you set up the device. If you fail to do so, you can’t use the 12-word feature.

7. Ledger Unplugged Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Ledger Unplugged is another wallet that can fit inside your actual wallet. It comes in a credit card-like Java Card. It’s one of the first contactless Ledger hardware wallets that you use through NFC-compatible devices. Like what its name says, it’s totally unplugged as you can use contactless USB readers.

Overall, this is a safe hardware wallet. Still, practice caution as thieves can find ways to penetrate your valued Bitcoins.

Right now, Ledger Unplugged has been discontinued but you can still see some sellers offering this on their sites.

8. Cool Wallet

This hardware wallet leaves up to its name, it’s really cool! From appearance to functionality, CoolWallet comes in the size of a credit card and you also can store this in your physical wallet. The coolest thing about this device is it comes with a screen that displays your crypto balance. It’s a thin sheet, but it carries a lot of technology in it to safeguard your keys.

This is also waterproof and a Bluetooth-connected device. You just have to synchronize it using the CoolWallet App and you’re good to go. This cryptocurrency hardware wallet works for Android and iOS.

cryptocurrency hardware wallet

9. BitLox

BitLox claims to be the world’s first standalone Bitcoin wallet. You can store as much as 100 wallets in just one hardware and have it accessed using Bluetooth-connected devices. BitLox comes with multiple layers of PIN security to secure your Bitcoin and all your transactions.

There’s also an alphanumeric keypad on the device so you don’t need to plug it somewhere else. BitLox also has an internally calculating feature to make every transaction transparent on hidden fees.  It’s stylish and comes with a leather case for free. Producers of this wallet offer massive discount sales so you better watch out!

10. Swiss Bank In Your Pocket

Swiss banks are known for topnotch bank secrecy and security. And that’s the reason why this hardware wallet is called Swiss Bank In your Pocket. They have the promise of securing your Bitcoins using encrypted and customized USB keys. It has no intermediary and is compatible with Windows OS.

Swiss Bank In Your Wallet can store up to five Bitcoin wallets and one vault. The vaults can only be used to transfer Bitcoins within the wallets inside the device. It can also generate multiple addresses for each of your wallets for added security.

Each device looks like enlarge flash drive. It comes with a user manual so you can spare yourself from all the Googling.

Getting a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is almost a requirement for investors. These devices ensure that you have added protection for your coins. Still, these aren’t the total answers for the common dilemma of the crypto market. Practice caution and you can secure your assets even more.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets You Should Get For Your Portfolio

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