5 Cryptocurrencies You Should Keep Your Eye for Long-Term Investment

Cryptocurrencies are the gold bars of the internet. With all the financial potential it possesses, I’m pretty sure that many, like you, are interested in making their own digs through investing in this market. Before diving in over 3,000 cryptos in the web, let me help you know what’s hot and what’s not with these best cryptocurrencies in 2017.

To tell you what, many of these thousands of e-currencies are just copycats of the first versions that sprouted on the internet like wild mushrooms. One cryptocurrency is made different from another, thus setting a less or more value and volatility. If you are investing and looking for that best catch, I’ll suggest these five e-currencies that are sure to give you long-term and worthy investment.


If I were to invest, I will rather choose the trailblazer on the cryptocurrency market than any other newbie e-money. Of all the available kind, Bitcoin is the widely used one with a value that could span up to $1200. Over the years, Bitcoin had been weathered by too much volatility and extreme scrutiny and doubt from experts and investors.

Still, my faith remains intact knowing that Bitcoin is having more transactions than any other payment platform on the internet like PayPal, Stripe, and WePay. This e-currency continues to be the most speculated and invested cryptocurrency which I believe will give you the competition you are looking for.

To add to that, I think Bitcoin is just unstoppable. Shutting it down will take billions of dollars worth of effort because of the single fact that it has already established a complex network in its seemingly unending block chain. This makes it worthy to be one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2017.

I know that volatility may sound scary for you when it comes to your money, but this instability actually brings a great financial opportunity to purchase goods when Bitcoin value is at its peak. No other cryptocurrency can match the value of Bitcoin, let alone its credibility. There’s no other way for Bitcoin value to go but to soar high. Invest 20 grand today and you might be a millionaire in two decades.


I guess in everything, there should always be a second best. And that’s what Ethereum is all about in the cryptocurrency world. Anyway, Ethereum is actually the name of the platform that created the e-currency ‘Ether’. Once you purchase Ethereum, your money is actually invested in its currency. Like Bitcoin, Ether is also based on a block chain technology where all transactions get recorded in the bank-like virtual ledger.

It came to the internet during the time when e-currencies are everywhere and six years after Bitcoin shook the web. Launched in 2015, Ethereum is not quite commonplace with newbies in the e-currency, but I can say that there is so much promise for this one.

One thing I like about Ethereum and its currency Ether is that it has more sophisticated protocol than what Bitcoin has. Users of Ethereum pay services on the platform where they can produce ‘decentralized’ applications and also earn Ether along the way. Unlike Bitcoin that you need to buy after release, I think Ether gets me on its power to crowdsource the currency while not limiting the purpose of its mother platform.

Ethereum is still in its infancy and has more volatility than Bitcoin. But like what I said, volatility can be at your odds if you are good enough to flip it. This e-currency landed in the best cryptocurrencies of 2017 due to fact that even Bitcoin fanatics cannot shrug the potential that Ether has right now. At more or less $50 at the moment, Ether has a bright future to unfold. I’m sure of that because even Bill Gates is certain of this too.

best cryptocurrencies in 2017


This next cryptocurrency came from a cloud storage platform called Sia. Decentralized like any other platforms, Sia stands out to me because of its thorough security that puts all control to data owners without any ‘third party server’ that can exploit the stored data.

For me who stores tons of files on the web, Sia is great investment with its lower storage cost, encryption algorithm, and block chain features than can keep full track of the system. So how does investment works here? Well, to pay services on the platform, you should buy Siacoin. This currency can let you use their platform features to toss any costly hard drive away as well as make it easy for you to connect to other computers and storage.

When we are going to talk about the long-term promise of Siacoin, I can say that this cryptocurrency is the best catch with pricing moving positively over the years. Although we cannot discount the downfall from time to time, there is obvious speculating potential for Siacoin. That’s why it made its way on my list of best cryptocurrencies in 2017.

So what if the price drops dramatically? Is this going to compromise your files? Definitely no. The highs and lows of the value will not impact the revenue of the platform but it will not in any way reflect the integrity of their service.


Yes, it is a name of the powerful Pokemon that actually reflects the tough potential it has right now in the market. It is on its very young and delicate stage yet, but this platform actually answers that one thing that all of us investors frown on the internet: security. The reason why it’s one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2017.

To be part of the Golem network, you just have to download their application and you are already in. This works by decentralizing networks to avoid servers that flock like cattle in the web, thus preventing any threat of attacks to down the system. To avail their service, you, of course, have to buy Golem currency.

So why am I suggesting you invest on Golem right now? It is very young and the development stage had just finished if I am right, but the speculation and attention it got from its release are enough to convince me that this cryptocurrency is going to be the next big thing on the internet.

Another point that I considered here is the fact that developers of this platform are ardent with one simple rule: never release a product that is premature. I advise that you invest on it now while its price is still on the seams. Because if you don’t, Golem will shock you one day when it steals the center stage of e-currencies.

best cryptocurrencies in 2017


This last one on the list of best cryptocurrencies in 2017 works like Ethereum. However, it has its own blockchain technology. The focus of Lisk is not creating smart contracts like that of Ethereum. Instead, it allows users to develop functions and apps on their framework.

Lisk claims itself to be the “first modular cryptocurrency” where the applications have and function its separate side chains. This e-currency is not like Bitcoin that you can use to purchase goods on the internet. You can only use Lisk or LSK on its platform’s services. One thing that makes it as one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2017.

So why invest? I think one simple reason for this is that JavaScript is the platform of Lisk. This is also the same with internet giants like Google and Microsoft. This means that Lisk has higher chances of incorporation into a network of these companies. This will increase price value and credibility.

However, Lisk requires serious knowledge in programming that makes some investors close their wallet for a possible investment. But I think I can shrug this one off because of the fact that Lisk intends to cater the mainstream applications like iTunes as a block chain application.

I can say that from where Lisk stands now is already a sturdy platform. With the right speculating, I am sure that Lisk can be as profitable as the other cryptocurrencies.

Many other e-currencies can vie to be the best cryptocurrencies in 2017, but these five stands out from the rest. Although some of it is still in its infancy, cryptos have the gleaming potential. Even a newbie can see and explore this.

Yet, it is easy to fall prey on the promise of other outliers. This may turn out to be a short-term and ephemeral investment. If you really are serious about earning money from the e-currency market, you have to be careful. You should be watchful on the best catch.

Have you decided which one you are going to invest in? Let us know your crypto story!

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5 Cryptocurrencies You Should Keep Your Eye for Long-Term Investment

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